EBY; Empowered by you!!

First and foremost you should know this review is NOT sponsored! These thoughts are completely my own.. 

When I first heard about Eby, I was excited! I thought okay so here's yet ANOTHER monthly subscription but I thought okay maybe this one I can get behind! I was excited to find a "perfect" pair of underwear and EVEN more thrilled to help women in third world countries reach their dreams of owning a business. Eby helps women by offering them loans which they pay back, not a hand out but a hand up! This empowers women to get moving and be self sufficient supporting themselves and their families!

I also thought the price was very reasonable considering good underwear, much like good anything these days costs a bit of money. At $16 each I didn't find this terrible.. 

I finally received my underwear the other day and well.. I LOVE them! I will say that I found the size chart to be a bit off considering I followed it and needed a size up.. 

That being said they are super luxurious, very soft and comfy and they DON'T ride down! That was a big concern for me, comfort. They are HOT too, being completely seamless with no seams anywhere!!! I totally recommend them and I will be keeping their subscription ...

YAY for finding amazing undies!!! 

Let me know if you found this review helpful and what products you'd like a review on..