10 things I never knew until I became a parent

  1. Parenting is hard, like really fucking hard. It’s something you’ll work on everyday for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. You will always need them AND they will always need you. It’s a win win really.
  2. My mom was right, about everything. I see that now as a mom and I did become just like her. 
  3. It is a lot of love, like literally the most love I have ever received in my entire life. I never knew what it was like to love someone that MUCH. It makes my heart swell and makes me all mushy just talking about it. It’s amazing really, how big your heart does grow.
  4. Love first, parent second. When my OCD kicks in I realize that my child is perfectly imperfect, he just needs love. I try my best to give him all of my love and then teach him afterwards. There will always be time for teaching after all.
  5. I am not your friend (trust me I want to be because well like you’re really cool and all) maybe one day but right now, right now I’m too busy trying to ‘parent’ you. Love you, teach you and help you grow.
  6. It isn’t for everyone. And that’s okay, it’s tough. I don’t criticize people who don’t want kids. Happiness is an inside job and I don’t believe that having a child can make someone happy who didn’t necessarily want one. I GET IT, I totally do and guess what? I support you.
  7. You will never, ever have peace again. Even when everything is going well you will worry, you will worry all the time. It’s part of the package.
  8. It’s not okay to bash other parents, am I perfect? LOL, let’s all laugh at that. Do I try damn hard? You bet your ass I do. If I do that then I have to assume everyone else does too. So let’s kind of give each other a break huh?
  9. Don’t give other parents unsolicited parent advice. No one is an expert here so unless someone asks you, keep it shut. People get touchy when it comes to their kids and with reason. For this reason I say, keep your comments to yourself.
  10. There is NEVER enough coffee. Can I have a caffeine IV, no seriously like a continuous drip of coffee. I’m an energetic person but my little man seems to drain all of my energy.

Share any tips or things you never knew until you became a parent...I would definitely love to hear them.



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