The Perfect V

When I heard that they made specific products for the "V", I was so so happy! The "V" is one of the most sensitive areas on a woman's body. I have bought products for years that were "specifically formulated for the V" and yet they sucked. You know - Summer's Eve, etc.

If you want something...

If you want something you have to BELIEVE that you already deserve it. No really. It sounds easy right? What if we prevent ourselves from achieving greatness. What if we think that we don’t deserve it? Then, what? What if WE are the reason why we can’t have it? 

Boy, I love you.

Boys are a mixture of love and dirt. If that sounds funny it’s because it is. No matter how hard I try to keep him clean, he always ends up dirty (happy but dirty). I've come to terms with it. Take it from this germaphobe.

Valentine's Day Gift Giving Ideas!

Here's my guide for gift giving ideas for all of the people in your life! I have also included gifts from all price points (hoping there is something for everyone), I love all of these things and hope the special person in your life will too.